Funny Dogs Home Alone! Caught on Furbo Dog Camera!

by ShowCaseAnimals


You WISH your dogs did this while you were out! Luckily my Furbo Dog Camera is proof that we clean up after ourselves, and with the new #FurboDogNanny, Mum and Dad can get smart alerts, cloud recording, and our daily recap video & stats!”

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Crusoe and Oakley the miniature #dachshunds are home alone while parents go out grocery shopping, so these funny dogs decide to have a crazy play time around the house while home alone. When mum and dad say they’re on their way back, the dogs rush to clean up the house, putting their toys away, dogs vacuuming, helping house chores, dogs dusting, and tidying up. By the time mom and dad get home the dogs have cleaned the house in this funny dog video and get a reward with their furbo dog camera! #funnydogvideo

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