Funny Raccoon Videos ★ Keep Calm And Be A Raccoon [Funny Pet Media]

by ShowCaseAnimals
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Funny Raccoon Videos ★ Keep Calm And Be A Raccoon!
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Here is a compilation of this funny animal.
0:01 – Starting by this raccoon riding a bike. You kidding me?!
0:08 – What about this not sure raccoon trying to jump on the wall. Wish we could tell him 😀
0:13 – Dropped something? No problem, call the pet and he will eat it in a blink of an eye, oh wait! That raccoon is sweeping the floor with a brush! Man, I learnt how to hold a brush when I was 17 you know, 17!
0:15 – Ok now he looks like a drunk raccoon trying to sweep the floor.
0:20 – “It was a show!” – Did you like it? You better because now is time for the payment. Pay the raccoon!
0:25 – This is how afraid they are to humans, it looks like we represent a lot of danger to them. When you see a raccoon, be cool!
0:32 – Haha what did you expect lady? You give a bag full of food to a raccoon and you expect him to open it up, take the food out and give you the bag back? 😀
0:43 – What about this raccoon relaxing in the swimming pool? It almost feels like doing the same, eh.
1:00 – How cute can it get when a bunch of raccoons get together to beg for food. Hilarious! Hopefully all got well fed!
1:10 – This raccoon was a dentist raccoon in his past life. There is no other explanation for this.
1:30 – This raccoon rolling is like me going back home from my grandma’s house.
1:38 – How cute is this raccoon playing with water 🙂
1:52 – And after playing with the water, is time for the raccoon to dry his hands. Check out this raccoon cleaning his hands before his dinner.
2:09 – 1 raccoon, 3 cats. Do you think a raccoon will get intimidated by the 3 cats? He goes, eat from the cats plate and wash his hans on the cats drinkable water. Yes, raccoon like to clean his hands and then heat them check here 1:52.
2:24 – Then you ask: Ok, what about raccoon vs dogs? Well check how they don’t give a raccoon’s a$$ to dogs neither!
2:30 – Check how the raccoons teach their children on how to climb trees. Amazing!
2:44 – This raccoon playing with water. So happy!
2:49 – Racoon with shiny eyes in the dark. Somehow scary and cute at the same time!
2:59 – Now check this raccoon who thinks he is Sonic from Mega Drive!
3:24 – What about this raccoon doing shopping? You haven’t seen everything yet if you missed this.
4:07 – Fishing time! Check out this raccoon fishing!
4:14 – Or this raccoon eating grapes.

Thank you for watching raccoon being raccoons:

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