Moving house with cats – funny cat captions

by ShowCaseAnimals
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This our experience of moving to our new home from our cats perspective.
we added their thoughts on the subject as accurate as we could 😉

Actions that helped us moving apartment with our cats successfully:
1. we prepared a closed room in the new apartment only for our cats and their supplies (e.g food-water, litter box, toys, etc).
2. we transferred the cats before the apartment movers started to transfer the furniture.
3. we let our cats stay some time in their safe room, and we gave them attention and played with them to reduce their stress.
4. we only opened the room when our cats were willing to explore new territory.
5. we made sure the house is closed so that the cats will not escape, cats are territorial so the new house is foreign territory for them.

Thank you for watching 💖

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