Shelter Dogs are Benchwarmers – Funny Labs Love this Bench

by ShowCaseAnimals
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These funny shelter dogs are happy to be benchwarmers. They love this bench. While these adorable labs (Blue and Tye) were with us at Northeast Animal Shelter, we tried to get them to run around. These rescue labs didn’t want to play. These funny silly labs kept returning to the bench. We are so happy to tell you that Blue and Tye have been adopted.

At LOVEAPET we want to show you adorable animal shelter videos. We feature cute shelter dog videos and cute shelter cat videos. They are all rescue dogs and rescue cats that have been saved by Northeast Animal Shelter. The video you see was filmed while we made animal adoption videos for the shelter pets that stayed with us until they could find forever homes. LOVEAPET has safe animal videos for kids. We hope you enjoy watching these cute cats and dogs and that you will spread the word about animal adoption. You can Save a Pet!

If you are considering adding a pet to your family, please visit your local animal shelter. There are many cute cats and dogs looking for love!

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